Friday, 19/10/2018 | 6:49 UTC+5
  • Mobilink Torchbearers take Pehli Kiran School Students to the Movies

    Mobilink Torchbearers, employee volunteers of Mobilink, took the students of JAQ Trust’s Pehli Kiran School System on a fun filled trip to Cinepax, Islamabad. The day was planned around the screening of the recently released animated movie, Angry Birds 3D. The activity was a first for many of the underprivileged children in attendance, as most

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  • Cinepax Murree
    Cinepax opens its new Cinema in Murree‏

    One of the most popular cinema chains in Pakistan – Cinepax, have announced that they have opened their new cinema in the hills of Murree, the 9th in total cinemas of the chain. The newly launched 3D cinema has a seating capacity of 296 people. Located in Murree, Arts Council, near GPO Road, Cinepax cinemas promises to offer

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  • Heat-Wave Relief Camps setup by Jazz and Voice of Karachi

    To help the public combat extreme temperatures throughout Karachi, Mobilink’s umbrella brand – Jazz partnered with Voice of Karachi (VoK), an association working for the betterment of the city, to set up heat-wave relief camps at various spots in Karachi throughout the month of May. Camps set up across the city as and when required; Mobilink’s

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