Car ads on TV are common, But this Second-hand Car Advert is one of its kind

Suzuki Vitara Second-Hand
  • Eugene needs to sell his 21-year old Suzuki Vitara. He calls it his little beast.
  • He used a graphic-rich video ad to highlight the features of his SUV jeep.
  • The car is shown dragging into ice-lands and running through dinosaurs.
  • At one point the SUV is even rocketed away towards the Moon and returns.

When you usually have to sell off your used car, what would you do? Put an ad in a newspaper, or paste a little poster on the car itself saying “for sale”, or more recently for a few years you put ad on the web with some photos of your car.

Eugene Romanovsky┬áhas used a graphically rich video advert spanning for 2 minutes that can be matched with any manufacturer’s ad for a new car. He’s selling his “little beast” Suzuki Vitara – model 1996, “with deep sorrow.”

Eugene has indeed put adverts in addition to other platforms but he also get a video ad done for the promotion of his car. The ad runs through different environments where his Suzuki Vitara is shown to be capable to go everywhere “with no fear” diving into deep waters and even taking off from Earth to the planet Moon.

The ad hints with its features between segments – such as 1.6 liter injection engine & 96 hours power. Android Media Center with 4 speakers is also listed. You should watch for yourself. While depicting the car as been through thrilling environments, the ad actually discloses “Not Really Experienced, All These Things.”

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