Reham Khan apologises to Aneel Mussarat – Retracts her allegations in a defamation case

Reham Khan apologises Aneel Mussarat

Reham Khan – the British-Pakistani journalist, ex-wife Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, and somehow a filmmaker (according to Wikipedia), has finally offered an unconditional apology to Aneel Mussarat – a British businessman and close friend to the premier, in the UK court for her allegations.

The Accusation against the British Businessman

Reham claimed on December 6 2019 that Aneel was involved in a secret purchase of the PIA-owned Roosevelt Hotel.

The weather girl had claimed that Mussarat got “an undue advantage” in the alleged sale of the hotel due to his close ties with the Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Mussarat moved the court six months ago against Reham Khan in a defamation case. He asked the former-journo to retract her allegations or present proof. However, both the parties have now confirmed that the matter has been settled out of the court. The accuser has agreed to issue a clarification and an apology.

An Unconditional Apology

In a simple apology letter, Reham retracted her allegations and sorted out the matter with Mussarat, out of the court.

Reham, in the letter, tells about her YouTube channel “Reham Khan Official”. She uploaded a 46-minute video last year in which she “made a number of comments and insinuations regarding Mr Aneel Mussarat”. She has pulled out the video from her channel and will make no further comment about the matter.

The Third Party

It’s worth noting here that Zulfi Bukhari, the special assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan, had also sued Reham Khan as she also alleged Bukhari in the sale of Roosevelt Hotel in the same video, she has deleted.

Reham claimed that the PIA asset was being sold to benefit people like Zulfi Bukhari and Aneel Mussarat.

Bukhari, in August 2020, moved the London High Court in defamation case against Reham Khan.

Crowd Funding in Legal Defence

Another interesting element is that Reham started a crowd funding page to get financial help from her friends and followers for her legal defence against Bukhari.

Though Reham lived with now-PM Khan for only a few months, she seems to be influenced from him that she thought about taking donations. But unfortunately she could only get £1,139 (at the time of writing.) Probably she didn’t think about the fact that Imran Khan is good in taking donations because he doesn’t take them for his own self.

It’s not yet known if she also has settled it with Zulfi Bukhari or not. Just keep an eye over here for any update on the news.