Peoples Party election campaign ad Trolled On Social Media

PPP Trolled

A recent ad from Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) a major political party in Pakistan got stuck on social media in trolling.

Social media is currently the most effective media across all fields and politics is also one of them. In addition to electronic media, for advertisement, the political parties are shifting to use the social media for election campaigns.

Sure the campaign or advertisement on social media is more casual than on electronic media via televisions. Less scrutinised and with less quality check, the ads on social media attract way more audience than on a TV. So is the reason most of the ads get stuck in arguments whether positive or negative.

PPP is the latest participant with their recent ad for election campaign. Unfortunately, they failed to inspire. Instead, the 1 minute and 19 seconds video was trolled on the internet.

The ad was inspired as two youngsters were busy in a traditional social chat about politics. Talking about who will progress the country and take care of its young generation, one of the boy brings up a name Bilawal Bhutto, current foreign minister of Pakistan. Watch the video ad below to see how they foresee him being a prime minister of the country.

Here comes the response trolling the video

Senior journalist Mubashir Zaidi referred the ad as “comedy central.” in tweet

Another user quoted the tweet with, “Jeet toh sirf energetic logoun ki hoti hai” says the advertisement by a party who installed a fossil by the name of Qaim Ali Shah from 08-13 then 13-16.

Another Twitterati suggested the ad is equally bad as the party’s performance in Karachi.

There are more not stopping at anything