DGIP has setup Online Passport Renewal System in Pakistan

NADRA and DGIP (Directorate General of Immigration and Passports), in collaboration, have developed a system to offer Pakistani citizens for renewal of passports by sitting home and without visiting the Passport offices.

This online service will facilitate both the local citizens and overseas Pakistanis where as the renewed Passport will be shipped at the doorsteps of the applicants.

Dubbed as e-Services Portal is referred to be the front door to DGIP where, if your passport has been expired, you can apply for a renewal of your Machine Readable Passport if it’s been expired or has a validity less than 7 months.

The service is not yet available but will be live soon.

How to Apply Online?

If you are one of the many to get your passport renewed, you can read below for more information including the requirements you need.

Online Application Completion:

DGIP has outlined application completion time to be around 16.5 minutes in total with separating key elements that would take from 0.5 to 2 minutes each.

Processing Delivery Time:

While the actual processing time may vary for each application depending on various factors, DGIP has provided estimated timelines as below

  • Normal: 10 Working Days.
  • Urgent: 4 Working Days.

Fee for Online Passport Renewal:

Fee structure for online passport renewal will be as following:

Fee for 05 YEARS Validity
Category Fee Service Charges Total
Normal (36-Pages) Rs.3,000/- Rs.2500 Rs.5,500/-
Urgent (36-Pages) Rs.5,000/- Rs.7,500/-
Normal (72-Pages) Rs.5,500/- Rs.8,000/-
Urgent (72-Pages) Rs.9,000/- Rs.11,500/-
Normal (100-Pages) Rs.6,000/- Rs.8,500/-
Urgent (100-Pages) Rs.12,000/- Rs.14,500/-
Fee for 10 YEARS Validity
Category Fee Service Charges Total
Normal (36-Pages) Rs.5,400/- Rs.2500 Rs.7,900/-
Urgent (36-Pages) Rs.9,000/- Rs.11,500/-
Normal (72-Pages) Rs.9,900/- Rs.12,400/-
Urgent (72-Pages) Rs.16,200/- Rs.18,700/-
Normal (100-Pages) Rs.10,800/- Rs.13,300/-
Urgent (100-Pages) Rs.21,600/- Rs.24,100/-

Delivery Charges

Delivery Location Delivery Charges
Pakistan Rs.250/-
Abroad Rs.1000/-
Passport Office (including Foreign missions) Free of Cost