PTI Official Website Hacked Following Internal Party Affairs Revealed

PTI Website Hacked

Paksitan’s second popular political party – PTI’s (Pakistan Tehreeq-e-Insaf) official website was defaced, after when the party worker Ayesha Gulalai explained her departure from the party in press conference Tuesday evening.

The hackers, calling themselves as “Voice of Pakistan (Death Adders Crew)”, defaced the website by adding a simple message “Pakistan Zindabad” on the page with a skeleton surrounded or captured by a snake.

The website was not brought back until several hours and left defaced with the message from the hackers “We will not vote you”. The hackers explicitly mentioned that they do not belong or relate to any political party, probably due to the existence of phenomenon in country that everyone blames other party for everything discovered against them.

The defacement is considered to be the followup development after the female party worker alleged that the party does not respect women. While resigning from the party herself, she alleged Imran Khan, the party leader, to be the biggest reason behind his resignation.

Previously another female party worker Imaan Mazari Hazir, daughter of Shireen Mazari, has accused PTI workers for harassing females.

Update: The website has now been redirected to a YouTube video letting you believe that they have serious trouble bringing the website back.