Coke Studio’s “Billo” also got removed from YouTube after Copyright Claim

Coke Studio Bill Removed YouTube

Abrar ul Haq’s recent take on his own iconic title Billo in episode 2 of Coke Studio season 12 made a successful hit on social media. The audience had been praising the singer Abrar, and the creator Rohail Hyatt, while the song’s video has been removed from YouTube in favor of a copyright claim.

We just received a tip from one of our readers claiming that Coke Studio’s Billo is not searchable on YouTube as well as it’s not listed in Coke Studio’s YouTube channel.

Initially, we thought it could just be a temporary issue considering the fact that the song’s original owner/singer, Abrar himself performed in the Coke Studio’s version. So there shouldn’t be an agreement issue or copyright violation but it actually turned out to be one from a third party when we tried to reach the video.

It was literally not searchable on YouTube, nor it was listed in Coke Studio’s channel. So I just searched through the archive to find the link of the video in the subject. The following is the snapshot of what came up.

It was literally a copyright claim from some company named “KARMAN ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED” that took down the song’s video from YouTube. It’s worth noting that the Behind the Scene (or BTS) of the song is still present.

Heading toward Coke Studio’s website, revealed that their internal webpage, serving the content for Billo, is still online with the broken embedded video. It was saying the same copyright claim message of course.

Coke Studio also publishes the audio version of its songs on SoundCloud, however, this specific title has been removed from SoundCloud as well.

While SoundCloud does not publicly mention the reason, unlike YouTube, for the removal of a track, it indeed lists various reasons, a track could be removed for. The list does include copyright infringement as one of the reasons though.

While the copies of the videos are available on YouTube from other channels, the official video of the song is however still available on Coke Studio’s Facebook page.

Previously, this season’s Saiyyan has also been once taken down from YouTube after a copyright claim by EMI Pakistan. Later, after the settlement, the song was republished by Coke Studio on YouTube and other platforms.

Myself being a fan of Billo since my childhood, the first thing that came to my mind was — who the heck is this KARMAN ENTERTAINMENT?

I could only find an unconfirmed music record label based in UK with the name “KARMAN ENTERTAINMENT”. The entity is only existent on Facebook with a mere 256 fans and on YouTube with 2.78K subscribers. An important fact is that these guys have a website with a parked page, while the domain name was registered only this year in January.

We tried to reach out to both parties and waiting for a comment.

Watch out for this story as this is developing…