Mehwish Hayat asks for Vote to be Prime Minister of Pakistan

Mehwish Hayat

However, in a funny way, Mehwish Hayat has asked for vote in 2028 general elections seeking for Prime Minister seat of the country.

The Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2’s actress is currently having a stopover at Istanbul, Turkey. She just tweeted a couple of her pictures with her fellows and caught up with a fan wishing her to be his next PM.

Within only an hour, the actress actually replied asking him to vote for her in 2028 general elections. It sure was a joke as appeared from the postfix “LoL” at the end of her reply.

Though she apparently was joking with her fan, but she indeed showed her belief that the political state won’t break and the sitting government will complete its five-year tenure.

Referring to 2028 General Elections, she, in fact, believes the country will continue to be run by elected government in 2023 GE and will complete its tenure as well until 2028.

Right now it only looks like a joke, but who knows what’s there for the nation in the next eight years. Will you be voting for a Tamgha-e-Imtiaz holding Pakistani film actress if she ever wanted to join politics?

Leave your comments below and let her know about your idea.