Shahid Afridi requests PM Khan to speak up for Chinese Uighur Muslims

Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi, the former Pakistani skipper, asked in a tweet that PM Imran Khan should speak up against the alleged atrocities against Uighur Muslims in China.

The former captain said in his recent tweet that he heard about atrocities committed against the Uighur Muslims which is heartbreaking. He went on to tag the official handle of the Premier Imran Khan and asked him to speak up against the issue.

Check out the complete tweet text below.

Update: Afridi deletes tweet after Former Chinese DCM quoted him of being misled by Western Propaganda

The topic comes into the spotlight after every few weeks while this time China has gathered a huge criticism over at Twitter. It’s being accused of detaining around one million Uighurs and other Muslims in camps in Xinjiang.

Shahid Afridi has always stood against the Indian atrocities against Muslims in IoK (Indian Occupied Kashmir) which have always been proven with footages and video clips. About this issue, he only seems to be affected by the recent rise of the Twitter trend. So we can expect more from the cricketer about his thoughts on the issue as they grow.

A Washington-based group, The East Turkistan National Awakening Movement, has provided the geographic coordinates of 182 unconfirmed concentration camps, reported Samaa, where the Uighurs are allegedly pressurized to abandon their religion and culture.

It, however, worths noting that the group’s research is based on Google Maps and/or Google Earth. Based on that information, the group believes that they have spotted 209 suspected prisons and 74 suspected labor camps. The group is supposed to share details later.

China has officially denied the allegations by calling it baseless. “East Turkistan organizations outside China have long conducted activities harming China’s national security,” Geng Shuang, the spokesperson of the foreign ministry of China, has previously told. “It’s clear for all to see that China’s policies in Xinjiang had promoted ethnic unity and social harmony in recent years,” he added.