Rabi Pirzada got its private videos leaked – Everything from Neelum Munir’s item song to FIA

Rabi Pirzada Leaked Video Viral

The famous singer, cum actoress, cum host, Rabi Pirzada today saw an unwelcomed situation when she got her private videos leaked online. While social media users are busy discussing the situation, Rabi is said to have filed a complaint against the event.

She’s now seeking Cyber Crime Wing of the FIA to have her objectionable videos deleted from the internet and take action against those who stole and spread her personal stuff online. She said that she has already reached out to FIA for personal data theft from her phone. She reported that she sold her phone and understood her data was stolen afterward.

Rabi Pirzada is primarily a singer, though she’s not been actively singing for quite a long time. Her first song was Dahdi Kurri was released in 2005 and became a hit. Rabi kept singing and releasing songs less often in the later years, but more recently she has been a social media celebrity.

The most recent viral activity of her was the aggressive behavior against India and Modi for their atrocities and terrorism in Kashmir. Following the story, she was reached out by the Pakistani authorities for having exotic pets including snakes and alligators at home. She believed this to be a reaction to her behavior against the Indian state. She kept posting her reservations against the Pakistani authorities

She can be trusted with that belief because the matter of exotic pets wasn’t new with her. She had previously been active on social media by posting her photos and videos with those pets. Then why not the wild-life authorities were so interested before? She questioned.

Before her private and objectionable videos leaked today, she probably had never received much attention, even with her exotic pets or the one-way wordy fight with Modi. Though she received the coverage from Indian media for the latter.

But now things just started getting uglier for the cute lady. The more the attention, the more criticism. The two kinds of groups are usually seen in almost every discussion, the condemners, and the criticizers. But sometimes there is a third group that wants to twist the things and merge the multiple events.

While she has already reported and informed about her doubts as she believes the theft may be related to the sell out of her phone, the internet is not gonna stop with her report. It’s a jin out of the bottle and you can’t just put it back until it does its job and gets back itself.

Right in the midst of multiple events, currently going on in the country, #RabiPirzada took the top spot in the twitter trend list. Then the third group started merging the event with another one that was about Neelum Munir.

Episode Neelum Munir

Only a day ago, Rabi Pirzada indulged in a discussion going on about Neelum Munir, another famous Pakistani actress. It was about an item song, Neelum performed as an Indian girl in an upcoming Pakistani movie – Kaaf Kangana.

While the item songs aren’t taken well as a nice gesture in Pakistan, filmmakers continue to add them calling as today’s requirement. So after having criticized, she explained that she only did it because the movie was a project of ISPR and she did it for Pakistan as her role portrayed an Indian girl, but not herself or any other Pakistani girl.

Well, social media is always ready to pinpoint words and letters. When Neelum’s justification, which was actually self-explanatory and didn’t require any further discussion, was enough, some random individual picked it up and headed over to twitter, addressing to ISPR.


Asif Ghafoor – DG ISPR, not officially, replied to the tweet in question with calm and explained the same thing that I said above. Before questioning, the context must be understood well. I didn’t watch the movie but Neelum’s explanation was enough to make me understand.

Where the online publications were highlighting the topic with twisted words in their headlines, Rabi Pirzada got involved in the discussion and even tagged the official twitter handle of the respected institution, again judging and questioning them to accept what she believed could be a mistake.

She just got herself into a mess of critical questions on twitter, directed right towards her own self. There were also some to defend her but she sure was facing huge criticism.

Initially, her tweet received likely objections as well as critics to question DG ISPR even when he had responded to the original tweet explaining the matter. Later random individuals started linking the two events together hinting that Rabi’s videos were leaked the next day after when she indulged in Neelum Munir’s matter.

This was the last unusual activity she did on her twitter handle and gathered a lot of response including praise and criticism. She didn’t come to respond on twitter about her leaked videos.