Shahid Afridi reacts over Saleem Safi’s Prime Minister Sarcasm

Shahid Afridi responds to Saleem Safi

Saleem Safi, a veteran journalist, who has probably seen all kinds of situations. He has gone to interview terrorist leaders as well as the top leadership of Pakistan. However, he is widely known to have been failed to be unbiased on most occasions. His experience is always seen to have political sides.

Technically, an unbiased journalist usually highlights good or bad factors of both the sitting government and the opposition. Safi, for instance, is one of the journalists, who prove to be otherwise. People believe him to be on the side with Pakistan’s mostly stayed government runners, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (or PMLN for short.)

Now that the PMLN is sitting on the opposition’s side in the parliament, Safi is usually seen opposing the sitting government which is being run by the first-time in-power Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (aka PTI). The party which is led by Imran Khan, famous from his cricketing career with a world-cup in 1992.

There is no doubt, the government is facing a hard time, unlike they might have thought it would be, before coming into power. One of the challenges, the government is facing, is the high rate of inflation. While Safi has probably questioned about everything, recently he tweeted with a sarcasm that showed his hatred against sports-men running governments.

In his tweet, Safi referred to the world squash champions Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan, sarcastically advising to have them as prime ministers. Both the players don’t live on twitter so we may not hear from them sooner or later.

Saleem Safi tweeted in Urdu, addressing to God knows who, that translates as “If you are not satisfied, then have Shahid Afridi as your prime minister. Still, if it doesn’t help, then there are Jansher Khan and Jahangir Khan too.”

Unfortunate for Safi, that he additionally referred to Shahid Afridi, another top cricket star known worldwide, along with the two Khans in his tweet. Luckily Afridi indeed is active on twitter with 1.3 million followers. It took only a couple of hours before he responded that translates as “It’s a burden of 70 years, Saleem Bhai (Saleem brother). Give some time to Imran Khan (the current Prime Minister). Sportsmen have made the name of the country in the world, wonder if politicians had done it too. Sportsmen have used to show miracles. Don’t lose hope. Pakistan Zindabad!”

It’s pretty easy to see the calmness in Afridi’s response over a harsh and sarcastic tweet of Saleem Safi. However, both the veterans in their respective fields have their fans who were also spot-on to defend their favorite ones. Unfortunately, Salim Safi had more critics under his tweet.

Public response to Salim Safi:

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