Nida Yasir’s “Formula 1” couldn’t stop her hubby Yasir Nawaz to jump on the trollers’ bandwagon

Yasir Nawaz trolling Nida Yasir

While the netizens haven’t stopped trolling Nida Yasir for her knowledge about “Formula 1” racing, the trolling has kicked in right inside her home.

The actor/director Yasir Nawaz, and the husband of the morning show host, thought to get on the bandwagon when it’s the right time. He headed over to Instagram and shared a lip-sync video of himself doing a double role of both, Nida Yasir and the guests talking about Formula 1 racing.

Alongside the Instagram video, Yasir only captioned a laughing emoticon showing it’s just a funny thing to do. His video is also proof of how funny this family is in the home and they don’t take this trolling to their hearts. That’s lovely.

The video invited the fans with even hilarious comments. Right now among the top is a comment from their industry fellow Sana Shahnawaz. She literally tagged both, the couple, saying out loud that she loves them both.

“Hahahaha ????? @itsyasirnawaz @itsnidayasir.official love you both ❤️”

Some dragged the video concept to troll the Pakistani husbands who are known to be less brave to troll their wives in such a funny way. They applauded Yasir’s bravery and one fan commented as below.

Dunya ka bahadur tareen insan ??

Yasir’s video appeared a couple of days after social media brought Nida Yasir in top trend as her clip from an old episode of her morning show went viral. The video showed Nida as less knowledgeable about Formula 1 cars and racing.

The above video clip is said to be five years old, however, Nida Yasir has openly admitted her lack of knowledge about Formula 1. She told Independent Urdu in an interview that it’s her mistake and she would thoroughly research before future interviews.

What do you think about all this? how do you feel about the internet users who jumped over her lack of knowledge about something? And most importantly what are your thoughts about this wonderfully funny family? Do let us know in the comments below.