Rape Threats to Virat Kohli’s 10-month old daughter exposes Hindutva ideology

Virat Kohli Anushka Sharma Daughter Vamika

  • Virat Kohli gets a heavy backlash from his country’s nationalists after he defends Shami
  • The India team captain and his family have been targeted with disturbing abuse on twitter. 
  • Virat recently defended Muhammad Shami, a Muslim seamer in India team, who was target by Hindu nationalists. 
  • Extremist Hindus have told Shami to “go back to Pakistan” after unfortunate bowling against Pakistan.
  • Many Indians on Twitter gone upset of the uprising extremism of Indians

After the failure of getting a simple win status in the first two games in the T20 World Cup 2021, the India team has heavily been criticised, as always it has been in past by the nationalists back home.

The major upset was of course the loss against the Pakistan team, after when the Indians abused Shami and told him to go to Pakistan. Where a lot of extremists on Twitter were holding the seamer as a traitor, many also came out to defend him. Among them, Virat was also the one who outspoke against the “spineless” criticism based on his religion.

Pakistan vs India has long been a rivalry game in cricket and the world knows about it. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say the match between the two teams is heavily invested and is a big-time revenue generator of any tournament. Indians seemed not to be too cool with losing from Pakistan. That’s what we have concluded so far.

Many started (what the Indian press referred to as trolling) abusing and lashing out at Shami in the India team. Twitter was all dropped onto the seamer with the labels like “traitor” or an “ISI agent” while the latter was no more than a joke. However, referring to someone as a traitor and telling him to go to Pakistan only because he was a Muslim, was not also taken well by some sensible people on the platform.

The two sides were divided as hot and cold when Virat came up to defend his colleague and called out the hate against him. He referred to the hatred as “spineless” and “pathetic”. On speaking on the behalf of his whole team, he said, they stand by Shami and him 200%. He said the brotherhood with him can not be shaken.

Attacking someone over their religion is the most pathetic thing that a human being can do. They have no understanding of how much effort we put into the field. They have no understanding of the fact that someone like Shami has won India matches in the last few years.

Honestly, I don’t even want to waste one minute of my life to give any attention to those people and neither does Shami and neither does anyone else in the team. We stand by him. We back him 200%. Our brotherhood cannot be shakken.

Virat Kohli – Captain India Team/T20 World Cup 2021

If you have missed it, Virat Kohli has previously been the target of the same hate when he advised Indians to not burst crackers on Diwalia Hindu religious festival, last year. Do not get confused with the word “trolling” as they use it only to protect themselves from the same religious hate. Sure it’s not trolling but direct hate and abuse.

It’s worth mentioning that the couple has never shared a glimpse of their daughter to not expose her to social media. They thought she would make her own choice to appear on social media when she grows up and understand it. After the whole latest episode of the cruel and extremist ideology of Hindutva, it’s justified for them to not share their beloved daughter’s photograph online.